Gnome DoIt’s time to quit digging through menus, or jumping through folders just to find the program or file you want to open.  Luckily there’s a better way.  What if I told you there was a single application that held the power to change the way you access your programs and greatly increase your productivity?

I’m pleased to introduce you to Gnome Do, a launcher that takes inspiration from Quicksilver for mac.  The goal of Gnome Do is to simply appear with a keystroke, search for the program or file you start to type as you are writing it, and then do something with it.  Here, lets go on a little tour of the software.

Gnome Do in Synaptic

First we need to find Gnome Do, if we don’t have it installed already.  To install Gnome Do go into your menu and locate synaptic  System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager.  Search for gnome-do and then mark for installation and apply changes to download and install the latest version of Gnome Do.

Gnome Do icon

Now, find Do in the applications menu after installation here  Applications > Accessories > Gnome Do and launch the program.  You will notice that the program opens a small icon in the menubar in the system tray and clicking on this will show the launcher.  If you go into the preferences by right-clicking on the icon, you can set a keyboard shortcut (I use Alt~ for mine) and then I never have to take my finger from the mouse to launch anything.

Gnome Do

If the result you intended doesn’t show up right away, you can continue typing until it does or navigate through the search results by using the up and down arrow keys.  Some files will have multiple actions associated with them, so to switch the actions press  tab to move the focus from the first pane to the second, and then use up and down arrows to navigate through possible alternate actions.  Go ahead, explore!

Gnome Do Plugins window

There are many plugins available, including internet and chat related, web browsing, file managing and program controllers, so no matter what software you use already, it is likely ready to be enhanced by Gnome Do.  To activate a plugin go to the ‘Plugins’ tab of the Gnome Do Preferences window and check the boxes for the plugins you wish to enable.

Here’s a video showing off the best parts of Gnome Do:

Gnome See, Gnome Do from uSource Magazine on Vimeo.

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