free fontsA great source for free fonts for Ubuntu that have a little bit of jazz can be found at FontSquirrel.  If you need some help installing them, check out our article about installing fonts and enjoy these!


Coin IconIt’s common for open-source programmers to make money, but how often is money made by open-source programs?  Read on to discover how dutch artist Stani Michiels used Ubuntu and open-source software to design the new collectors edition dutch 5 Euro coin!


Ubiquity LogoWhat if there was a faster way to access the services you use on the internet without having to go to the websites those services run on – what if your browser and a few strategically placed keystrokes could let you access those services as fast as Gnome Do can launch a program?  Luckily we have a new project from Mozilla Labs that does all of that, and more – say hello to the most useful inerface for accessing the internet since the invention of the web browser itself.  Ubiquity. (more…)

FlickrWe all have plenty of photos of events and friends that we wish we could easily share with everybody, so what is the most simple way to share these photos on Ubuntu?  The most simple way to share your photos online is by using an image hosting site like Flickr. (more…)

open-source softwareIt’s been less than a week since Obama became the sworn-in President of the United States, and he has certainly not wasted any time taking action.  One of the most fascinating things has he accomplished in the first week of his term, something that ranked as high as the closing of the prison at Guantanamo Bay in his priorities, was to try to figure out how open-source could benefit the US government. (more…)


Have you ever downloaded a great application but wished it had a better icon?  In Ubuntu you can not only change any icon to a new one, but you can even use image formats that are so advanced neither windows nor OSX support it yet.  Find out how! (more…)

FontsTypography is a big love of mine. Naturally one of the tasks I find myself doing over and over again is installing and moving fonts so I can use them. Follow me in this tutorial and we’ll get you some new fonts and show you how to install them. (more…)


Gnome DoIt’s time to quit digging through menus, or jumping through folders just to find the program or file you want to open.  Luckily there’s a better way.  What if I told you there was a single application that held the power to change the way you access your programs and greatly increase your productivity? (more…)

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